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Optimising Fleet Operations

Online shopping has revolutionised the retail and supply chain landscape as businesses cope with the issue of how to deliver packages promptly and affordably.  People now expect fast and flexible delivery with factors such as delivering during a specific time slot proving popular – with many customers willing to pay a premium for immediate, or same-day delivery. Transport and logistics operators are adapting to this trend by harnessing end-to-end telematics and planning tools.

The rise in fast delivery models particularly in the current Covid-19 climate, is set on a seemingly immutable course, with fleet operators under pressure to make more deliveries with fewer resources.

Logistics organisations need to solve a range of planning and logistical issues by combining intelligence from across their business. Planning decisions have a significant impact on operational efficiency, customer service, utilisation and ultimately, your bottom line, so identifying the right plan makes absolute business sense.

Our new Planning & Optimisation product offers a seamless interface with our solutions. It allows customers to plan routes more effectively and make informed planning decisions based on validated information that minimises the need for manual intervention. When complete, the plan can be fed into the Journey Management product with a single click for forward execution.

Planning & Optimisation’s flexible algorithm can also be adjusted to address common issues around delays, bottlenecks and last-minute orders and allows planners to visualise when a plan is fully optimised against a number of run-time KPIs. Armed with the right solution, fleet managers can dramatically reduce the time and manpower needed to plan, optimise and execute delivery routes.

Additional benefits include:

  • Use of a single platform to optimise the list of stops drivers need to complete in a given time period, while factoring in vehicle dimensions, load capacity, road restrictions, delivery windows and other issues that may affect a route.
  • Real-time updates, including vehicle location, speed and mileage.
  • Greater intelligence of trip duration, driver handling and stops completed to measure actual against planned.

For drivers, an optimised route not only provides turn by turn directions, offering them the same technology they’re accustomed to using off the job, but also eliminates the need for paper invoices and proof of delivery.


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