Trailer Telematics

Our Trailer Telematics solution solves a broad range of management challenges spanning everything from ‘I want to know where my trailers are,’ through to more complex, ‘Am I fully utilising my trailer fleet?’

Reducing the number of trailers needed to effectively support customers, ensuring trailers are where they need to be when they’re needed, recovering lost or stolen units, and maintaining cargo security through door sensors, are a few of the other ways that our solution can support improved utilisation and ROI.

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Improve trailer management

Real time visibility allows you to deploy assets where they are needed the most

Increase utilisation

Increase productivity by identifying under-performing assets

Load security & assurance

Protect your valuable assets and cargo

Improve trailer management

It makes operational and financial sense to keep track of your trailers so they are no longer treated as secondary assets. Microlise Trailer Telematics provides a real-time mapping solution that allows fleet managers to identify exactly where a trailer is in the yard or on the road - before they’re uncoupled or after they’ve been shunted.

The map also supports in-depth analysis and informed decision-making as the operations team can view intelligent clusters of assets with a list of all tractors and trailers including coupled units.

Increase utilisation

Trailer telematics offers much more than just a dot on a map. With full visibility of assets and activity, organisations can ensure that assets are fully utilised and spare assets are moved to where they’re needed the most.

Trailers can be assigned to a home or owning depot - so you know where a trailer has come from, and where they need to go back to.

Reports highlighting trailer utilisation including trailers that have not moved, help to increase productivity by pinpointing where under-utilised assets may be – whether that’s in your own yard or at a customer depot.

When Trailer Telematics is combined with our existing Journey Management solution, advanced allocation allows trailer assets to be analysed according to time/distance from start location and according to maximum and minimum height profiles.

Load security & assurance

Our solution remotely identifies that the right truck is towing the right trailer.

Fleet managers can also monitor if their trailers are properly secured to protect valuable cargo and equipment from thieves. Locks and sensors trigger remote alarms when trailer doors are opened in an unusual location or when goods are unexpectedly moved.

If your trailer travels in an unscheduled way, an alert is sent to base. This intelligence, when supported with constant tracking information, means that fleet managers can take appropriate action if any unusual or suspicious activity occurs.