Microlise work with NFT

Microlise has given us full visibility of our fleet and the power to manage our drivers better... so better performance, better driving style, better fuel economy.

Andy Devere, NFT


The time critical nature of the chilled distribution industry presents significant challenges for any transport operation in
this sector. Ensuring that deliveries arrive within tight specified time windows is crucial to minimising waste and providing great customer service. NFT recognised that greater operational efficiency was necessary to remain competitive in this market.


NFT were aware that telematics could provide greater fleet visibility as well as to provide fuel efficiencies through monitoring driving style. The team examined the telematics solution and once engaged, it was clear that Microlise could offer a far wider reaching suite of products.

One of NFTs key aims was to increase operational efficiency to ensure that more consignments were delivered within a specified time window to help ensure that when an NFT vehicle arrived at a customer location, a bay would be available to facilitate swift turnaround.

The Result

Microlise was selected on the strength of its extensive product suite, its integration with existing software and the excellent cultural fit with NFT. Microlise worked with NFT to provide the solution that met its needs and that would deliver maximum return.

“What we like about Microlise is that they listen to us. They look at what we need and they come up with a solution for us.” explained Andy De’Vere, Managing Director at NFT, “Microlise have helped NFT to deliver a better service to our customers.”

The Journey Management product from Microlise has delivered the improvements in efficiency so critical to NFTs operation. The Schedule Execution Board is widely used within the business to keep track of how deliveries are performing in real life, against the plan. This enables NFT to inform customers of potential problems in advance in order to effectively manage their expectations and to help manage delivery windows.

The information provided by the Schedule Execution Board enabled better decision making based on historical data. It helped NFT to examine how their fleet was managed and deployed and to enhance route planning rules in order to optimise utilisation.

The Journey Management product from Microlise also allowed transport managers
at NFT to debrief drivers against schedule adherence. When coupled with the Fleet Performance product, NFT could monitor driving styles and provide a targeted approach to training drivers in safe and fuel efficient driving best practice. Management of drivers by exception has provided an efficient approach to driver performance which has kept management involvement to a minimum. Driver league tables along with an incentive scheme has provided motivation for NFT drivers.

The focus on driver performance delivered fuel savings almost immediately providing NFT with a solid business case which not only justified the incentive scheme but helped the company remain competitive.

Shaun Frere-Smith, Systems Compliance and Innovations Manager at NFT commented, “We’ve found Microlise a very powerful tool for our on-time performance. We have very tight windows in chilled distribution.

“The driver debrief screen within Journey Management enables us to compare our plan vs actual along with the driver’s performance against those journeys. If we have a driver that’s performing badly, we can coach that driver using historical data.”

The relationship between the two companies remains strong. Microlise invests heavily in new product modules to improve its offering and the benefits to its customers whilst NFT always strive for new ways increase operational efficiencies and to improve the service to its customers.


Microlise has given us full visibility of our fleet and the power to manage our drivers better... so better performance, better driving style, better fuel economy.

Shaun Frere-Smith, Systems Compliance and Innovations Manager, NFT