Benefits Realisation

Microlise recognise that introducing technology on its own into any business – including Transport operations – will not deliver benefits alone. Any such system implementation needs to be done in conjunction with changes to processes and procedures, organisation, as well as changes to people’s skills through training and perhaps even their roles.

Any such changes need to be wrapped up in a comprehensive change management and communication plan which, in turn, is being driven by clear management goals and project objectives.

Even when this approach is successfully adopted, effort must then be spent in ensuring the system is well embedded into the operational daily life, that the information it generates is used effectively and that the system is well maintained, along with user knowledge.

To this end, Microlise offer what we term a Benefits Realisation Consultancy service – the purpose of this service is to ensure that the Microlise system meet’s the customer business objectives, delivers a return on investment has a high level of utilisation and that relationships between the customer and Microlise remain strong, resulting, in truth, in good levels of customer retention, repeat business and reference ability.

The key aspects of the service Microlise offer are:

  • To support the customer in the organisation of their Change Team and their Organisational and / or Fuel Champions.
  • To support the customer in the formulation of their Communication / Change plan, policies & rewards schemes.
  • To support the customer in the modification of their daily, weekly and monthly procedures to successfully link people, processes policies and system usage
  • To support the customer in their communication launch / road shows etc.
  • To work with the customer to baseline their operational costs and maintain aggregates results & trends
  • To conduct periodic data analysis & trend reporting
  • To carry out face to face reviews of results and trends and propose how the business targets and associated system configuration might be modified to get more out of both the system and the operation

This consultancy service can be paid for on the basis of a number of potential commercial models.

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