Control Tower/3rd Party Gateway


The use of shared user and sub-contract fleets is becoming more prevalent. Microlise have customers who frequently use their fleet on multiple contracts where they need the data these vehicles generate to provide both real-time tactical and KPI reporting data, to different users, depending upon what service the driver and vehicle is providing, to which end customer.

Sometimes this data needs to be shared between numerous operations all of whom are using Microlise Fleet & Distribution systems.

Alternatively, it can be the case that Microlise need to be able to accept a feed from another vendor’s Tracking or Transport Management System, for particular routes on particular days such that the sub-contractors vehicles provide real-time tactical data and contribute to KPI reporting as though part of the core fleet.

This scenario is particularly prevalent in the Third Party Logistics, Retail, Aggregates and Petrochemical sectors, but is becoming common place elsewhere also. In such situations, it is key that the right vehicle data is passed to the right Microlise customer system only for authorised periods relating to authorised activities and routes. Microlise also send their live tracking data to 3rd party systems as required.

On this basis, the Microlise 3rd Party Gateway module works in 4 ways:

Data Export from Microlise TMC to 3rd Party Systems

This interface exports data from the Microlise Transport Management Centre to the customers own software to provide them with, tracking data, route & schedule adherence data, CANBus Telematics data including driving style and both Proof of Delivery and task data. This data can be pulled either by selected groups, vehicles or drivers and can be imported into the 3rd party system on a general basis, or by specific journeys.

Example Implementation (a)- MAN Trucknology (Microlise partner system) / Large Packaging manufacturing and distribution companyThe 3rd party Transport Management System (TMS) pulls the Microlise / MAN Trucknology data by vehicle and by group every 5 minutes for job and task management, calculation of route adherence and ETA’s as well as for Driver debriefs.
Example Implementation (b)- – receive data from the Microlise system by store group, by vehicle and by driver comprising information relating vehicle location, schedule adherence, driving style and contextual speeding. They receive updates every minute and their MIS system send reports to over 320 stores automatically.

Resource & Data sharing between shared fleet 3PL & Haulier contracts on the same Microlise system

This interface allows companies on the same Microlise system, with different contract groups and user permissions, to export data to each contract group without giving visibility of that data to the other group. All vehicles are owned by a group, allowing a selected owner of the group to grant and rescind visibility of a vehicle or driver to another group or groups while the data is still stored in both groups (to allow for reporting purposes).

Example Implementation -3PL shared fleet:Retail contract (day), Automotive contract (night)This interface is used to allow the Transport clerk on the night shift to allocate all available vehicles that were working on their automotive contract to a retail contract, (who were using some of the same vehicles on store deliveries in the day), when their journeys are complete. The day shift on the retail contract can then allocate available resource to daytime journeys while receiving data on tracking, route & schedule adherence, driver debrief and KPI reporting. At the end of the day shift the vehicles are re-allocated and the process starts again.

Resource & data sharing between different companies using seperate Microlise systems

Vehicles are added to a customer operation by sub-contractor by moving the vehicle to a customer (export) group in their system. The Microlise 3rd party Gateway automatically exports the data from one system and imports it into the other to allow data to be available either for a defined period of time (for example a 3 month contract) or for a single journey (depot to depot).

Example Implementation – Sub-contract aggregates haulier working for 2 different Aggregates companies / fleets
The sub-contract aggregates haulier and both aggregates companies are Microlise Customers, The sub-contractor has vehicles in its own groups as well as, when the sub-contract deems it appropriate, in aggregate company 1 and / or aggregate company 2’s groups (Time based not journey specific) which allows both aggregate companies traffic offices to allocate the sub-contractors resource to their trips, while the sub-contractor retains data for their own reporting.

Subcontractor 3rd party system data being used in the Microlise system

Specifically for customers who use the Microlise Transport Management systems but have either a mix of Microlise and 3rd party hardware or purely 3rd party hardware. This interface is used to provide a single platform for resource and route management as well as customer service reporting via a single Microlise system. The Microlise system uses imported data from the 3rd party hardware in exactly the same way as it would from a Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU) and resource can be allocated as above, for a defined period of journey specific.

Example Implementation – Tesco International & CS Cargo in Slovakia: Trunk & Store DistributionTesco International use the Microlise Transport Management Centre as its Transport Management & Execution system. This system is centrally hosted by Microlise. 3rd party tracking hardware, in sub-contract vehicles is used in each country. In Slovakia, the 3rd party haulier CS Cargo allocates resource to the Tesco contract by allocating vehicles into a Tesco group in their Syncomm tracking system. Microlise is able to import this data, using an input Syncomm system, via our 3rd party gateway interface, to drive Route Management, pre-advice and reporting information in store and at head office. Vehicles do not have to be moved into groups on 3rd party systems, Microlise also provide a simple web page interface which sub-contract users can use to allocate resource (vehicles and drivers) to unallocated journeys managed in the Microlise Transport Management Centre.
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