Business Intelligence/Reports


All of the real-time tracking, driving style, journey, proof of delivery and debrief data captured in any of the Microlise Fleet & Distribution modules is replicated into Microlise’s Business Intelligence module. This can then be accessed via a suit of “vanilla” standard reports, via new or customised reports created by a user using the tools provided by Microlise or accessed and analysed by a customer’s own 3rd party Business Analysis tools.

The OLAP Data Warehouse behind Microlise’s Business Intelligence module offers unparalleled levels of flexibility in terms of the data available and the myriad of ways it may be presented. It is this depth and breadth of reporting which allows customers to exploit the most out of Microlise’s leading edge solutions portfolio.

Microlise report’s presentation layer is based upon Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 and uses Reporting Services technology also. This framework allows customers to easily access our core reports as well as configure their own reports too. Reports are structured around whatever operating groups and user permissions the customer so chooses.

This same framework is used by Microlise innovative Web Management Console, again which can be configured to meet the customer’s own live operational reporting requirements to give a snap shot of fleet performance to whatever defined performance & service levels need to be targeted.

At a high level, the standard strategic reports that Microlise offer are broken down into the following key areas:

  Business Intelligence Benefits
Benefits Flexible reporting-core reports,user configurable, OLAP datacube is externally accessible.
Benefits Trends can be drilled down into,all the way to specific issues(reason codes) at specific sites etc.-Easier to make informed planning and utilisation decisions.
Benefits Reports can be exported in a number of formats-including exel speadsheets for easier on the spot analysis.


 KPI-reports Operational KPI Reporting – This suite of trend reports summarises fleet utilisation and operational SLA and KPI performance, against both targets and journey plans. The reports can be structured along group lines, for example Country, Region, Depot, Depot Type, Customer, Customer Type, Vehicle, Driver Type. Users can focus on high level trends and ultimately cascade down in detail-all the way to examining specific reasons behind trends (driven by reason codes captured at debrief). KPI trends typically reported on are: Asset Utilisation, Planned vs Actual-Total trips, Time & Distance, cube, Pallet & Weight, Trips per Driver and Tractor, distance per trip, Cost per trip, Cost per km/mile and per case,Unscheduled Stops and Backhaul Turnaround.
 customer-service-report Customer Service Reporting – Customer service reports follow the same grouping structure and drill down hierachy as the Operational KPI reports, but look, typically, at trends in metrics like: Delivery on time, Delivery in time, Delivery in full and store turnaround.
 S&E-reports-click-to-enlarge1 Vehicle Activity & Driving Style Reporting- As well as utilisation and general vehicle activity,this set of data and reports allows users to examine trends in fuel economy and all of the contributing factors,like idling, greenband driving, harsh braking etc…Again reports are typically structured along operational group, vehicle and driver lines.
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