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3rd Party Logistics Providers & General Haulage

“This has definately been of serious benefit to us, especially with regard to idling,…” Stated Mark Adams from R Adams & Son “I’m on the drivers case the whole time about fuel use and they’ve cut their idling a a result of this trial.”

“We were one of the first to implement a system like Microlise’s in the area, we took a lot of convincing to the benefits of telematics. Over the years we have seen massive improvements in the way we run our operation; the partnership between ourselves, MAN and Microlise has developed and progressed beyond our expectations.” Iain Mitchell, John Mitchell’s Managing Director.
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Retail Distribution

“The Microlise solution immediately highlights problem routes and provides the appropriate management information to allow us to re-plan. As a result we are constantly improving the quality of our planned routes ensuring that they are realistic and achievable.”John Newton, Logistics Systems Manager, The Co-operative Food Retail Logistics.

“Providing excellent service is of paramount importance to us and it was critical in our decision that any system selected would provide real customer benefit along side genuine savings in costs. It was also important to us that these impacts would be both for the immediate term as well as continuing into the future. We are delighted with the true partnership approach we have with Microlise and we have started to see the improved information for our customers along with reductions in costs and of course, carbon emissions. We look forward to remaining at the forefront of this market leading technology and delivering even further benefits into the future” Shaun Foley, Operations Director, Bidvest Logistics.

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Home Delivery

“This sophisticated solution allows us comprehensive visibility across every aspect of our fleet’s performance, enabling us to further improve our service. Indeed, we are making an additional 50,000 deliveries without increasing the number of vehicles on the roads. The Microlise solution also ensures we are in line with regulations and is helping us to cut our fuel consumption dramatically.”Dino Papas, Fleet Manager.
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Petro-chemical Distribution

“To date all of Eagle Transport’s modern fleet is equipped with a state of the art EOBR (event on board recorder) that was co-developed by Microlise Fleet and Distribution and Eagle Transport. The value added system allows for compliance with government mandates and provides Eagle Transport with the most advanced EOBR system in the market place” Eagle Transport Corporation US.
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Cements & Aggregates Delivery

“This whole project has been a master-class in collaborative working. Not only has it enabled Microlise and us to deliver the project against a very ambitious timescale, but it has also ensured we have realised the quantifiable savings and business benefits we were seeking to achieve right from the word go.”Graham Russell, VP for Commercial, Logistics & Building Products at CEMEX,
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Commercial Leasing & Hire

“We can identify ways to improve routes and the ways vehicles are driven. We can focus on exceptions to the routing plan, refine the process and produce the optimum schedule.”Paul Probert, General Manager DCC, RYDER EUROPE,
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Parcel & Post Delivery

“The implementation has already proven successful in optimising our overnight trucking schedule and is helping us to continue to improve our industry-leading delivery performance.”Alec Cormack, IT Director for City Link.
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Construction, Utilities & Facilities

“The system gives us a much better opportunity to share engineers across contracts, reduce response times and increase service and feedback to customers.”Maxwell Segal, Group Technology & Innovations Director, GSH.
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Temperature Controlled Distribution

“Microlise provides a suite of tools that ensures our clients’ total confidence in us, in our integrity to store and deliver temperature-controlled products of the highest quality. The full visibility and control that this system has given UDG has proven very valuable to our clients and the confidence that we will deliver on time”Tim Gittins, Unidrug Distribution Group’s IT Director.
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Original Manufacturers

“Ford Work Solutions is just another example of how we listen to our truck customers and deliver features and technology to help them do their jobs easier and more efficiently. We’ve been the leader in the segment for 32 years by delivering real-world solutions to our customers. For example, fleets using Microlise’s Crew Chief have experienced increases in fuel economy in excess of 20 percent.”Bill Frykman, Business Development Manager for Ford Work Solutions.
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