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As the supply chain is coming under increasing pressure to perform efficiently while still being extremely flexible to meet ever increasing customer demands, Microlise have developed the “Fleet & Distribution” portfolio of solutions to enable even the most complex and challenging supply chain to operate efficiently while still meeting the needs of the customer. The “Day in the Life” video highlights the various issues faced by the transport office and how the Microlise Fleet & Distribution product can be implemented to enable the transport network to operate efficiency and provide management with real-time information to allow them to proactively manage their operations. PLAY ICON
Microlise and Carlsberg in Partnership

Carlsberg are a global company producing over 35 billion bottles of beer each year with sales in over 140 countries. In the UK they employ 1800 people and their fleet travels approximately 15 million kilometres every year.

Microlise began working with Carlsberg nearly 3 years ago and have helped improve fleet fuel consumption by 4.8% in year 1 and by a further 1% in year 2.

DHL Supply Chain use a number of IT solutions within their operations to ensure that they are providing their customers the best service possible. This Transport in a Box video explains the solutions they provide and how they utilise the Microlise system as a strategic platform to add value not only to their own operation but to their customers operations too.
See Mike rowe talking about the Ford Work Solutions and Microlise’s CrewChief telematics solution. With it, you can track every vehicle’s current location, monitor maintenance requirements and check driver performance – all from one computer and a small ‘black box’ located under the dash of each vehicle.

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The GSH Group provides unrivalled facilities management and energy management services throughout Europe and the USA. With a fleet of over 1000 vehicles they use Microlise Fleet Management Solutions integrated with Maximo to provide real-time Engineer and Fleet Status to support the effective utilisation of assets and resources across 30,000 corporate locations. PLAY ICON
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Lafarge, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cement products, has implemented the Microlise Fleet & Distribution system to increase the efficiency of its supply chain and improve its customer services levels. The visibility and control that the Microlise system has given Lafarge has enabled them to reduce turnaround times at both their own sites and thier customer sites. The provision of real-time information about the transport network performance has also enabled them to proactively manage the delivery fleet and their customer service levels. PLAY ICON
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Rolls-royce are one of the world’s leading turbine engine suppliers with a highly complex manufacturing supply chain. Their goal to achieve a “40 day engine” required complete visibility of that supply chain within their SAP ERP system. E-manifest was the mobile logistics solution developed by Microlise and delivered in association with TNT Logistics and LIS which achieved this objective. PLAY ICON
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New Look are the UK’s third largest retailer. They wished to improve the efficiency and security of their mobile logistrics for store delivery and RDC trunker routes. Microlise Fleet & Distribution portfolio proved to deliver more benefits than they expected. PLAY ICON
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Part of the International Cemex Group, Rugby Cement are a major supplier of cement and ash products to the UK construction industry. Delivering the correct grade of product to the right place at the right time is core to their business success. Microlise Fleet & Distribution coupled with the unique integration of RFID to associate the correct trailer and cab unit are helping them increase their performance for the customer. PLAY ICON
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Operators of the Earnest Jones and H Samuel chains of high street jewellers, their distribution centre high value picking operation required 2 person teams to ensure accuracy. The introduction of an Opus Voice picking solutions provided very large increases in productivity without any reduction in picking accuracy or security. PLAY ICON
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Within their fast moving PC World retail outlets, the Dixons Group were using resources to price goods at the point of sale. They wished to free those resources to devote more time to customers by price labelling goods within the distribution warehouse. The introduction of Opus Voice to control simultaneous picking and price labelling within their warehouse allowed this to be achieved. Increased productivity allowed both operations to be done without any extra resources. PLAY ICON
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New Customer? This video is aimed at giving you a feel for what an installation of our primary Tracking Unit, the MTU3 entails, This particular customer runs a fleet of over 2000 LCV’s and are a major domestic telecommunications and entertainments provider based in the UK. Please note for security purposes this video is password protected, please contact your account manager for access. PLAY ICON