The Board

Nadeem Raza

Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer

Nadeem has complete responsibility for the operational management and control of all Microlise business activities. During his 20 year career with Microlise, Nadeem has fulfilled various responsibilities and gained experience across all elements of the business, including sales, system integration, marketing, operations and business computing.

Bob Harbey

Bob Harbey, Executive Director

As Executive Director, Bob’s main focus is on the development of relationships with corporate clients and key business partners. Since joining Microlise in 1988, Bob has had many roles and areas of responsibility including operations, manufacturing, product development, sales, marketing and quality management. Prior to his career with Microlise, Bob worked in the security industry.

Matt Hague

Matthew Hague, Executive Director – Product Strategy

Matt joined Microlise in 1998 with the responsibility of managing Microlise’s System Integration activities. Matt was responsible for the creation of Microlise Telematics & Transport Management solutions. As Microlise has grown, Matt has taken on a more strategic role and he is now responsible for Product Strategy & Management.

Simon Bewick

Simon Bewick, Executive Director – Operations

Simon initially joined Microlise as a software developer in 1993 and subsequently worked extensively in project management and customer support. As Operations Director Simon's responsibility now covers all the activities post software development of system test, project delivery, hardware production and customer service.

Bill Wynn

Bill Wynn, Chief Financial Officer

Bill joined Microlise in 2007 as Finance Director and Company Secretary and brings to Microlise a wealth of financial and general management experience. Professionally qualified and an MBA, Bill brings to Microlise over 25 years of board level experience, gained in a variety of industry sectors both nationally and internationally.