Trailer & Asset Tracking

Microlise offer a range of Trailer and Asset tracking units including battery only “slap and ship” solutions, and units which connect into the Trailer power and provide detailed activity reporting and enhanced security through to stand-alone solar powered tracking options. Microlise also provide numerous plug-in options (available on rigid vehicles & trailers) like door sensors and temperature monitoring. Additionally, Microlise are able to offer features like Roll over warning reporting and Tractor or Trailer identification (to ensure the correct pairing of tractors and trailers).

Microlise’s trailer tracking units allow customers to have visibility of both their tractors and trailers whereabouts when they are being used and when parked up. The units give users an accurate picture of utilisation, performance, enhanced security and temperature monitoring compliance – all with reduced management overhead.


The powered tracking unit we offer is connected to the trailer – usually from EBS braking power output, chiller or Suzi connections, with frequent reporting (every 1 mile or less as an example) when powered or moving and periodic reporting (every 6 hours for example) when the trailer is disconnected from the tractor – both door and temperature sensors are supported.
Our Stand-alone trailer tracking unit does not require an external power source and offers frequent reporting when moving (every 5 minutes for example) and periodic reporting (every few hours for example) when the trailer is stationary – Door Monitoring is also supported.
This “Slap and ship” Asset tracking unit, once charged will report in once a day for 7 years (for example). It is also supported by both cellular GPRS and Satellite Communications.
door-sensors Microlise frequently fit robust magnetic reed switch sensors to trailer barn doors to monitor when doors are opened and closed. Such events are passed back in real-time, via the Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU3) to the Microlise host which will generate an alert should the event be at an unexpected location or time. We are also happy to review integration into 3rd party systems like automatic door locks and curtain sider protection systems.
Connecting to temperature loggers to both download temperature logs but also exception events is a regular requirement for our customers. This data is transmitted in real-time (in the case of exception events) to the Microlise host, where a time-stamped log and exception report can be accessed for each trailer. Microlise can also integrate into pallet temperature monitoring systems, like those provided by Secure seal.


map-client-click-to-enlarge1 Map Client gives real time visibility of a vehicles location and status,proximity to a delivery point, depot or traffic incident, as well as providing the ability to send messages or generate activity and exception summaries at any point in time.
Utilisation&Activity-Reports These are the same Activity reports as in the Microlise Vehicle Location and Driving Style module but have an additional Location & Utilisation report pack, this provides location and usage Reports information to users for both frequently and infrequently reporting Trailer & Asset tracking units.

Trailer & Asset Tracking Benefits

Benefits Improved trailer location & utilisation reporting – resulting in potential reduction in fleet size by redistributing trailers and identifying where trailers can be used more consistently.
Benefits Reduce instances of trailer and / or load theft both as a deterrent and also as a method for recovering goods and asset in the case of theft.
Benefits Reduces consignment and vehicle insurance premiums through tighter security and monitoring.
Benefits Can be used to generate Route & Schedule Adherence just like Tractor tracking with Microlise Transport Management Centre, thereby possibly reducing need to install in Tractors, and enabling more value to be added, in terms of fleet & customer service performance reporting
Benefits Provides a full and flexible visibility of your entire fleet – including spot hire and contract vehicles, and reduces compensation costs for lost hire trailers or other assets.
Here’s how the solution fits together…
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